SCHWANITZ Felling Grapple 600-B-RG-19-ST for excavator

For machine:Bagger ohne Rototilt, Bagger ohne Rototop,...

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  • SCH-FG600-B-RG-19-ST

SCHWANITZ Felling and clearing grapple 600-B-RG-19-ST for fixed attachment to excavator 12-18t

  • Based on very stable HULTDINS RailGrip 16 with 3 tines as box profile
  • Grapple equipped with tooth bars for safe handling of standing trees


SCHWANITZ Felling Box 550-19

  • HULTDINS saw cassette SuperSaw 550-19 with sturdy protective housing made of Hardox
  • Low rootstocks by attaching the saw with motor protected towards the grapple
  • Bar length 90 cm, max. crosscut diameter 650 mm
  • All components protected in housing
  • Easy installation, can be adapted to equipment with different hydraulics
  • Oil requirement from 120 l/min and 180-250 bar, max. oil flow 169 l/min
  • Harvester chain ,404" pitch with up to 40 m/s cutting speed (achieved at 169 l/min and sprocket with 13 teeth)
  • We work with a sprocket with 11 teeth and thus lower the chain speeds to 33 m/sec, which reduces wear and reduces the risk of chain shot
  • Maximum power consumption of the chain Oregon 19HX, max 50 kW (which corresponds to 169 l/min at 182 bar), Stihl RMHS max 65 kW which corresponds to 170 l/min at 230 bar with sprocket 
  • Automatic chain tensioning and proportional chain lubrication
  • Quick and easy exchange of bar and chain
  • Specially designed as an installation component for felling grapples
  • Hole pattern in housing for variable mounting options
  • Grapple is very stable, is also suitable for handling stones, roots, beams
  • Powerful slewing drive 
  • The large gear wheel has bronze teeth for low friction even when moving under heavy load
  • The housing is filled with Mobil OGL007 fluid grease 
  • Drive via worm shaft with hydraulic motor BMR160 = 157,2 ccm
  • Maximum torque: 9464 Nm
  • Tilting torque (max.): 135.6 kNm
  • Hold torque: 72.3 kNm
  • Axial load (max.): 1110 kN
  • Radial load (max.): 414 kN
  • Worm gear ratio: 104: 1
Product offers advantages over
Der SCHWANITZ Fällgreifer kann mit seiner Säge größere Stammdurchmesser fällen mit vergleichsweise geringem Gewicht gegenüber Fällgreifern mit Messer.
Suitable for machine
Bagger ohne Rototilt, Bagger ohne Rototop, Bagger ohne Tiltrotator
Suitable for machine manufacturers
Liebherr, Menzimuck, Cat, Atlas, Takeuchi, Dosan, Kaiser
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properties "SCHWANITZ Felling Grapple 600-B-RG-19-ST for excavator"
Weitere Artikelnummern:
Weight (kg): 817,5
Load capacity (kg): 4000
Operating pressure max. (bar): 250
Product offers advantage over: With its saw , the SCHWANITZ felling Felling grapple can fell larger trunk diameters with a comparatively low weight compared to felling grapples with knives.
Part/component: Felling grapple
Size: 600-B
grapple type: Brushwood grabber
Opening width (mm): 1870
Number of parallel bars: 2
Construction parallel bar: Cast steel
Practical cross-sectional area (m²): 0.45
Cross-sectional area lime. (m²): 0.36
Standard bar length (cm): 90
Maximum Bar length (cm): 100
Maximum cutting diameter (mm): 650 with 90 cm bar
Pitch of the saw chain: .404
Required hydraulic power (l/min): 60-110
Rail feed control type: Via throttle in the return line
saw motor: Parker F11-019
Installation type: Pressure line + pressureless return
division: 404
driving links: 99
Drive link thickness (mm): 2
Connection: 10
Rail mount: 2700
Suitable for machine type: Excavator, Radbagger, Raupenbagger, Walking excavator
Suitable for machine manufacturers: Atlas, CAT, Dosan, Emperor, Liebherr, Menzimuck, Takeuchi
Suitable for machine type: Bagger ohne Rototilt, Bagger ohne Rototop, Bagger ohne Tiltrotator


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