HULTDINS Log grapple SuperGrip I 260-RS

For machine:1010, 1110, 4 F, 5F, 554, 564, 950, 1050,...
For crane:F51F65, F59F72, F59F75i, F71F72, F71FT79,...
HULTDINS Log grapple SuperGrip I 260-RS


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  • 0660390
  • Compact professional grapple in extremely stable design for the toughest applications
  • Typical application: medium haulers with powerful crane, compact excavators of 5-10 t, sorting grapples
  • Two parallel bars made of high-strength cast iron
  • Claws doubled with 2 x 12 mm sheets, claw reinforcement inside with gusset plates
  • High-quality bolts and bearings in expander design prevent any play
  • All bearings equipped with WIELAND bronze bushings
  • Extremely reliable hydraulic cylinder with end position damping
  • High resilience and reliability minimize downtime
  • Excellent geometry for easy bundling and high filling level
  • Opening width 1,525 mm, cross-sectional area 0.26 sqm
  • Weight 266 kg, continuous load max. 4,500 kg, working pressure max. 250 bar
Suitable for machine
1010, 1110, 4 F, 5F, 554, 564, 950, 1050, Gazelle, Wisent, Elk, 830, 840, 845, 208F 9t, 208F 10t, 208F 11t, F10, F11, FR28, FR48
Suitable for machine manufacturers
John Deere, Ponsse, Ecolog, Logset,Rottne, Timberjack, Komatsu, Sampo, HSM, Welte, Pfanzelt, Noe, Ritter
Suitable for crane
F51F65, F59F72, F59F75i, F71F72, F71FT79, F71FT79i, F71FT83i, F71FT83i, F71FT85, F71FT100, F71FT100i, F83FT85, F83FT100i, C60F69, C60F86, M70F80, M70F81, M70F86, M70F101, M70R68, M80F80, M80F81, M80F86, M80F101, M80R72, M80R80, M80R96, FC6-72, FC6-92, FC6-100, FC8-92, FC8-100, K70+, CF1-72, CF1-85, CF1-100, CF5-72, CF5-85, CF5-100, CF7-72, CF7-85, CF7-100, RK105-93, RK105-97, 105F, IB7800, IB9800, IB6600, IB7600, IB7600, IB6800
Suitable for crane manufacturers
Mesera, Loglift, Hiab, Epsilon, Penz, Ponsse, John Deere, Komatsu, Rottne, V-Kran, Kesla, Tajfun-Liv, Cranab, ICARBAZZOLI
Screw-in nipple with external thread 7/8" JIC in cylinder
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properties "HULTDINS Log grapple SuperGrip I 260-RS"
Weitere Artikelnummern: F700740
Weight (kg): 266
Load capacity (kg): 4500
Operating pressure max. (bar): 250
Suitability for heavy duty use: Yes
Part/component: Log grapple
grapple type: Log grapple
Opening width (mm): 1525
Number of parallel bars: 2
Construction parallel bar: Cast steel
Practical cross-sectional area (m²): 0.35
Cross-sectional area lime. (m²): 0.26
Top connection version: flange with bore
Dimension connection at top: Hole circle 6x17-173 mm
Suitable for machine type: Combination machine, Compact excavator 5-10 t, Forwarder, Forwarder, Forwarding trailer, Mini excavator, Municipal vehicle, Special forestry tractor, Walking excavator
Suitable for machine manufacturers: Ecolog, HSM, John Deere, Knight, Komatsu, Logset, Noe, Pfanzelt, Ponsse, Rottne, Sampo, Timberjack, world
Suitable for machine type: 4 F, 5F, 208F 9t, 208F 10t, 208F 11t, 554, 564, 830, 840, 845, 950, 1010, 1050, 1110, Bison, Elk, F10, FR28, FR48, gazelle, Q11
Suitable for crane type: 105F, C60F69, C60F86, CF1-72, CF1-85, CF1-100, CF5-72, CF5-85, CF5-100, CF7-72, CF7-85, CF7-100, F51F65, F59F72, F59F75i, F71F72, F71FT79, F71FT79i, F71FT83i, F71FT85, F71FT100, F71FT100i, F83FT85, F83FT100i, FC6-72, FC6-92, FC6-100, FC8-92, FC8-100, IB6600, IB6800, IB7600, IB7800, IB9800, K70+, M70F80, M70F81, M70F86, M70F101, M70R68, M80F80, M80F81, M80F86, M80F101, M80R72, M80R80, M80R96, RK105-93, RK105-97
Suitable for crane manufacturers: Cranab, epsilon, Hiab, ICARBAZZOLI, John Deere, Kesla, Komatsu, Log lift, Mesera, Pence, Ponsse, Rottne, Tajfun-Liv, V-crane


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