KETTLITZ Medialub 4220 Bio chain oil 20 l canister for harvesters and grapple saws

For machine:Harvester
KETTLITZ Medialub 4220 Bio chain oil 20 l canister for harvesters and grapple saws

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  • KEML4220-20
  • Chain saw oil based on vegetable oils, free from synthetic and mineral oil
  • Special additives protect against premature aging or resinification, optimize the viscosity and improve the adhesion and sliding properties
  • This results in longer service life of bar, chain and sprocket
  • Ensures smooth movement of the rail holder
  • The additives ensure use under extreme winter conditions (cold test passed at -18°C/72 h)
  • According to KWF test procedure very good lubricating properties
  • Chain oil approved by the KWF, test mark "KWF-Test-Bio-Chain Oil"
  • Is made from the renewable raw material rapeseed oil
  • Not water-soluble, oil remains largely in the upper layers of the earth in the event of leaks and is therefore not carried into the groundwater
  • Environmental label "Blue Angel" (RAL-UZ 178)
Technical data
  • Chemical characterization: Vegetable oil and dissolved polymers, additives
  • Appearance/Delivery form: greenish liquid
  • Density at 15 °C (g/cm³): 0.922 +/- 0.010
  • Refraction nD20: 1.475 +/- 0.005
  • Viscosity at 20 °C (mm²/s): 510*
  • Viscosity at 40 °C (mm²/s): 220 +/- 10 %
  • Viscosity at 100 °C (mm²/s): 45*
  • Viscosity Index (VIE): 260*
  • Flash point (°C): > 230
  • Cold storage (72 h at -18 °C): liquid
  • FZG test (load level 12): passed
  • Physiological behaviour: according to safety data sheet on request
  • Shelf life: 4 years if stored properly
Information for end users according to RAL-UZ 178
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not allow unused quantities to enter drains, waterways or soil
  • Product residues must be disposed of at municipal hazardous waste collection points
  • Only completely empty containers may be recycled
* The data on viscosity at 20 and 100 °C and the VIE are approximate values ​​which are not given for specification
Security advice:
Medialub 4220 darf nicht mit Synthese- oder Mineralöl gemischt werden!
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Weight (kg): 20th
Suitable for machine type: Harvesters


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